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The Celebration of Cay Mignone

Today, and every day, we celebrate the life of Catherine “Cay” Mignone, loving friend, sister, mother, and grandmother. Cay’s selfless, caring spirit was adored by all she met, leaving her mark of love and light everywhere she went. Her bright smile brought warmth and comfort to many when it was needed most.

Strong in her faith as a devout Catholic, Cay was a parishioner of St. Philomena’s Parish in Livingston. She served countless volunteer hours and was a lively, engaged member of the Parish.

Of course, as we remember Cay, we remember her unbreakable bond with her soulmate, Ray, who left us just 3 years and 3 days before her. Their love was unmatched, and one that everyone aspired to have. Their life together created a beautiful family that has served as a shining piece of their community.

Today is a difficult day for the Mignone and Alberto family, but there is comfort in togetherness, which was taught by Cay and Ray. In the years to come, the memory of this beautiful couple will be kept alive through togetherness as the family continues to grow.

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