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M.L. Cutler & Co Inc. is happy to announce the acquisition of Paul Arnold Associates Transportation

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

“We are proud to bring on such a wonderful and talented team to broaden our insurance solutions to better serve our clients.” -President Jim Mignone.

About ML Cutler & Co., Inc

M.L. Cutler is an independent insurance agency providing tailored insurance solutions to meet your needs no matter where your road leads. Bringing over 60 years of insurance experience in personal lines, commercial lines, inland marine, and risk management, Jim leads the team under the principles of four pillars: trust, reliability, expertise and advocacy.

About Paul Arnold Associates

Paul Arnold Associates, founded by Paul A. Goldman in 1971, represents Commercial & Personal Lines clients throughout the United States. Paul Arnold’s fine reputation is well known in the Insurance Industry : specializing in the School Bus and Charter Bus arena as well as is in Real Estate , Manufacturing, Retail, Legal & Financial industries.

“We are thrilled to join the Team at M.L. Cutler & Co, Inc. ; which will enable us to broaden our market reach and to continue to provide stellar customer service to our clients.” –Hal Goldman

What Does This Mean for You?

More options and enhanced service! With the additions to our staff & more coverage option portfolios for you .

We will continue to provide you with tailored solutions to best meet your needs, and look forward to continuing our relationship.

Please consult our M.L. Cutler Transportation Site Directory to reach out to a representative for any questions you may have.

Our team: Michael Braunstein, Kelly Wertman, Linda Ehrhardt, and Jay Mason

Thank you, Hal & Jim

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