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A Note from President Jim Mignone on Father’s Day

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As you may know, I lost my Dad this year and I am spending time reflecting this week and pondering what significance Father’s Day has to me. He was the son of an Italian American Immigrate who also overcame much prejudice and struggles. My Dad worked as a Livingston High School teacher where he taught and inspired many. He was also my teacher and made me feel like I could not fail in whatever I did. Fathers are our first teachers and sometimes our toughest critics.

Ray (MY DAD) inspired me and all he met to do better and to inspire us to achieve greatness. As a global community we must come together and unite. As the President and owner of ML Cutler I am proud to have you as our clients and proud to have my son work alongside me. I promise you we will continue to grow, serve and adapt to an ever-changing insurance landscape. Your trust in us means so much to me and our associates so thank you.

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